Helpful Hints & Tips for Self Storage

Household appliances: It is best to ensure all appliances are completely cleaned out and dry. Leave the door ajar on refrigerators, freezers and ovens to prevent mould and bacteria growing on the inside.

Washing machines: Drain the water from hoses, coil loosely and tape to the back of the machine.

Hard furniture: Dismantle tables and bed frames as much as possible. If the legs come off, remove them. Put screws and any other bits and pieces in a snap lock bag and tape to the furniture for safe keeping. Water beds should be completely drained and stored with the bungs up.

Soft furniture: While plastic coverings are great for protecting furniture during transit, they can cause mould and mildew on upholstered furniture and mattresses during long-term storage. Alternatively, use a sheet or moving blanket to protect your furniture. Stack chairs with cloth or paper in between. Stand sofas and mattresses on end wherever possible to save space. Try not to stack too much on top of soft furnishings.

Leather: Treat leather items with a leather conditioner before you store them.

Wooden furniture: Spray your wood furniture with a good quality furniture spray before storing for added protection.

Vacuum cleaners: Remove the bag and empty bag-less vacuums prior to storage.

China/Breakables: Wrap each item in newspaper and pack in a sturdy box with a lid. Once you have placed all items into a box, roll up balls of newspaper and pack into any gaps. Does it pass the ‘wiggle’ test? If things are still rattling around, pack with more newspaper.

Clothes: Think about buying a portable wardrobe or clothes box – you’ll then be able to simply hang the clothes in them and they’ll keep their shape and allow for a little air flow.

Photos: Place photos or pictures between pieces of clean cardboard and tape them together to avoid curling.

Mirrors/ frames: Store mirrors and pictures on their sides, inside similarly-sized squashed down boxes. This protects them from scratches and dust.

Electronics: Make sure all batteries are removed. These are corrosive and could damage your items over time when not in use.

Books: Pack books flat, not standing on end. This will protect the spines which will bend and warp over time if stood upright. Books are heavy, so pack them in small boxes for safe lifting.

Tools: Wipe down metal objects and tools with a little oil before storing to avoid rust formation. Tie tools and long-handled items in bundles. Try not to store a brush resting on its bristles.

Motors: If you’re storing items with fuel tanks such as lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and cars etc in a facility, drain the tanks before you put them in storage.

Hazardous Items: Don’t store anything that is combustible or perishable. Unsuitable items include:

  • Petrol/gasoline
  • Paint/paint thinner
  • Solvents
  • Living things (including plants)
  • Food that will spoil.

List: Contents of boxes on all sides, number and seal with tape.

Make: An inventory of your stored items and keep in a safe place elsewhere.

Dehumidify: We recommend adding a moisture absorber product such as ‘Damp Rid’ to be extra safe.

Air Flow: Keep all items off the floor and walls if possible to allow for air movement.

Plan: Your storage space. Place items you may need access to in the front and allow for walkways.


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